Looking for a challenge and ready to learn?

We are not offering 09:00 - 17:00 jobs, a fancy office or promise you to step up in the hierarchy.

What we don’t need…

We do not need certificates and diplomas and we don't need you to send us your CV. Very likely you might not yet have experience with the stack we are currently using or plan to use next.

What we want…

We want mates who want to spend their time doing the stuff they love most, for the improvement of something that matters and to improve on a daily base. We want satisfaction in what we are doing, knowing that we exceed expectations. And we want to be surrounded with people motivating and inspiring each others.

Nothing less ;-)

We are Impaddo

We are a team of solution enthusiasts, constantly refining and advancing our development stack, scanning the market for the next level tooling to improve UI/UX, code, architectures, interfaces, infrastructures and automations. 

Sounds like a good place to be? Contact us and tell us what you like to use:

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